Monday, November 30, 2020

#EndSARS: IGP Deploys Special Police Force In Lagos, Enugu, Edo & Rivers State

Following the massive protest by the Nigerian citizens ordering the Nigerian government to end sars over the extrajudicial killings in the country...

Top 3 Reasons Why Prince Arthur Eze May Not Support Biafra Agitation But Igbo Presidency

Prince Arthur Eze is a Nigerian oil mogul, philanthropist, politician, and the CEO of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, the largest privately held Nigerian exploration and production group. The Igbos call him, ‘ozoigbondu’ of Igboland and he is said to be the 8th wealthiest man in Africa.

As the Biafran agitation is ongoing everywhere around the world as the largest freedom movement in the world, the Igbo billionaires In southeastern region of Nigeria such as Prince Arthur Eze, Innocent Chukwuma and other igbo billionaires hasn’t been seen publicly uttered a world or showed brief support for the restoration of Biafra.

We write this article To list out the top five (5) Reasons why Prince Arthur Eze may not support biafra agitation.


1. Political Ambition

Arthur Eze has always donated generously to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he gave almost $100 million to support politicians in Anambra State in his homeland. He is called “the godfather” by most highly placed politicians in his state, as he is seen as an authority in political matters most especially in southeast.

As he continues to show his self determination and unity in Nigeria Although Arthur continuously donates to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he supports other political parties as well, as long as he believes in the person contesting while showing his interest and support in the political aspects in the country.


Arthur Eze Is more likely not to be in support Biafra agitation despite his people are been massacred by the security forces in the country, his interest still relies on one Nigeria so as to maintain his political ambition in the country.

2. Fear Of Losing His National Recognition By Supreme Leaders In Nigeria

As it is knowned around Nigeria Arthur eze is more respected and been regarded by some top political stake holders in Nigeria, he is been backed up by the cabals of Nigeria, which makes him to be one of the powerful men in Nigeria.

Prince Arthur might be afraid of loosing his national recognition and is more likely to be threatened by the Nigerian northern Political officials who are against the Biafran actualization movement.


3. Scared Of Been Probed Or Blackmailed

According to Arthur eze while narrating his journey to his riches he claimed that he became rich through the help of a northern businessman,

On the other status if prince Arthur eze shows his support or speak against the illegal torture of his people, he might be probed or either be blackmailed in other to make him loose his national recognition. He might also loose his license and business certificate.

Arthur Eze Wouldn’t be supporting his people freedom actualization as not to loose his high ranking political ambition and national recognition in the country.

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